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Strategy & Operations

Every company is different in its core expertise, ways of operating, and culture. Thus, a one-size-fit-all approach cannot help. This is where my work experience across diverse set of industries help me provide unique solutions to all my clients.

My core expertise lie in Strategy formulation and implementation – practical & actionable solutions as per client objectives and requirements. Focus of Strategy and Operations consulting is on real business concerns.

I collaborate with clients to achieve their strategic vision through meticulous planning and execution to reach tangible, long-term success across all business functions – Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Business Development, and Sales & Marketing.

Strategy & Operations Services

Corporate Strategy

Utilize industry knowledge & expertise to analyse current business and advise top management on future course of action and support implementation.

Growth & Market Entry Strategy

Design practical approaches to thrive in digital, agile, and ever changing business world. Carefully and meticulously formulate and implement customized market entry, Go-to-Market, Growth, and expansion strategies.

Implementation Planning & Program Management

Support existing, on-going, or new planning activities, deploy program/project management & change management office for smooth transformations and upgrades.

Process & Operations Excellence

Re-think, re-organize, and design systems for operations set-up and improvement, resulting in operational & cost efficiencies, and profit & capability enhancements.

Performance Management

Formulate and implement performance management process, KPIs, Management Dashboards and presentations.

Social Media Strategy

Utilize digital media analytics, and company & industry data to design marketing strategies for brand management, competitive positioning, and capturing higher share of addressable market.