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Procurement & Sourcing

Procurement function in a company plays a pivotal role in the business strategy. When performed effectively, this function has the capability to impact bottom line of the firm. In today’s scenario procurement’s role is shifting from being tactical to strategic. Their strategic focus now extends from design stage to final delivery at  cost effective proposition.

My core expertise is in helping organizations moving their procurement function to take up a strategic advisory role. I deliver individual projects as well as coach procurement professional to build expertise and in turn sustain the new culture. Procurement programs are designed according to business needs.

I collaborate with clients to develop and deliver these programs in line with their procurement strategies. This can extend from managing a category, developing a sourcing strategy, assisting in contract cost management or building supplier relationships.

Strategy & Operations Services

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Develop and implement customized SRM program to help collaboration with suppliers for value creation and become their ‘preferred customer’.

Cost Management

Develop category cost model based on sourcing scenarios which helps organization to take critical decisions such as make vs buy, negotiate contract value as well as help design strategic terms in the contract.

Strategic Sourcing

Design an exhaustive sourcing strategy to get sustainable results by improving the bottom line and gaining competitive advantage in the market.