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Business Research

I provide high quality market research and business intelligence services. Working in Research and Consulting Space for more than 12 years now with wide range of industries, has given me unique eye for detail and strong ability to conduct focused research best suited to meet client/project objective. I also work with Subject Matter Experts on projects to provide best possible output.

I have successfully delivered numerous research projects to top management of global organizations with insightful analysis to support strategic decision making. I have authored customized industry analysis reports, viewpoints, whitepapers, and articles as per client requirements.

Clients I have worked with include a gamut of Fortune 500 companies, and small and medium sized companies in the fields of FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Global Aviation, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Power, and many more…

What Can I Do For You?

  1. Customized Strategic Research: Research to support critical business decision making specific to the client. This research leads to actionable strategic recommendations as per project objectives.
  2. Financial Analysis and Modelling: Valuation advisory, equity research, financial and operational due diligence, reports & internal presentations, M&A analysis, asset finance modelling, fundraising, and whitepapers.
  3. Market and Competitive Analysis: Industry analysis, economic/country analysis, competitive intelligence & landscaping, market opportunity analysis, TAM analysis, supplier analysis, and customized research.
  4. Project Feasibility Analysis: Assessment of facts based practical feasibility for project or a system. This includes financial feasibility, operational feasibility, and business opportunity analysis based on SWOT and other standard and customized feasibility frameworks.
  5. Industry Analysis Reports: Industry forecasts (demand and supply side), industry size and growth, trends and opportunities, key events impact analysis, competitive landscape, and investment analysis.
  6. Viewpoints and Articles: Author industry viewpoints and articles customized as per client or project requirements. This analyses the impact of specific event or industry trend on the industry from all relevant perspectives.
  7. Regulatory and Policy Analysis: Critically assess positive and negative impacts of existing, proposed, and new industry and country level regulations and policies that affect clients businesses and recommend best course of action to reap the benefits.